INDUSTRY: Commercial and Residential Real Estate.
The real estate market in Nigeria is booming and in recent years it has seen all sorts of growth, both in private construction and in developer estates.
As Nigeria struggles to files its estimated residential home deficit of 16million homes, many private companies have emerged to develop estates and capitalize on those deficiencies.
THE OPPORTUNITY: While there are quite a lot of developers and funds in the market battling for residents and enterprise tenants there is still a lot of rooms.

The gap between the living standard of the rich, the middle and the poor is ever increasingly widening due to a deficit in nominal infrastructure like water, electricity and a cleanly planned living environment.

With a 16million unit deficiency in housing not accounting for this disparity in standards there is quite a lot of room for estate development in Nigeria both commercial and residential, high end and low end.

THE COMPANY: Enclave builds independently sustainable living and commercial properties. Its properties are built to generate their own electricity, water and are built with proper planning for sewage treatment, garbage disposal and gutter flows.

STATUS: SEED STAGE – We have started on the seed stage of this company which will result in the development of pilot office and residential apartment
SOCIAL IMPACT: By developing sustainable living and commercial real estate Enclave dramatically increases the quality of life of Nigerians.


  • Expected Returns in 3 years are set at $12million per annum on revenue of $43million


  • Available is 60% Equity in the company at the nominal rate of $20,000,000
  • Minimum investment of $1,000,000 per investor for a cap of 20 investors.


  • Development of Pilot Commercial Building
  • Development of Pilot Apartment Building
  • Development of Initial Intergrated Estate
  • Development of Initial Commercial Mall
  • Marketing of end products

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