King Ifeanyichukwu Oruruo is a Nigerian Big man, Strong man, Wise man lmao. No such parading here, let’s keep it simple. Below is the story of a boy who is now a man and wishes to be legend.

My name is King Ifeanyi Oruruo (Born Ifeanyichukwu Kingsley Ogbuka Oruruo Jr). I am the third son of a highly respected Igbo businessman and lawyer, my mother is a seasoned entrepreneur and educator. I was born into wealth but spent the majority of my life in the middle class.

In the 1980’s when I was born my father was already a millionaire and even into my teens I was treated as if coming from wealth even though much of that wealth had faded. I grew up in a loving home with 3 brothers whom I wouldn’t trade for the world. My eldest brother is a passionate doctor, my immediate elder brother is an entrepreneur and my younger brother (one of the most intelligent people I know) is studying to become an engineer.
Although I was born in the United States I spent the majority of my child hood in Enugu State, Nigeria and I will admit that my foundations stand on the experiences gained on the red soils of Eastern Nigeria.

Later on I would move back to the United States and I think that also affects my current outlook on life. I have been privileged all my life but my adventurous spirit has taken me far outside of privilege and given me diverse experiences that now create the King Ifeanyi Oruruo whom you see today.

I have always been into business, the idea of economic independence was embedded in me a long time ago and my first business was a small farm next to my house in Enugu state, it was founded on 1 plot of land which a neighbor had failed to develop. I raised mostly corn on that plot, I also had a small quarter plot adjacent in which I experimented, planting yams, cassava, okra and pumpkins. Those where fun times but after about 2 seasons of success I was muscled out of the land by a neighbor and being as I was only 6-8 years old I couldn’t fight back and let it go. At around 8-9 I started rearing guinea pigs with my brothers, those animals really suffered because we were irresponsible, luckily our parents compensated in the care when we were away. Even though they were against the idea the noise from the suffering animals was too tender to ignore. We were eventually encouraged to sell them and my eldest brother went into pigeon rearing and I went into chicken farming. The chicken farm proved to be my most lucrative venture so far, buying toy guns and checkered shirts J I had grand schemes but they never came to pass as at age 13 I was whisked away to the land of the American dream.

Going to America was both the most exciting and the challenging experience of my life. The challenges came mostly from being in a new environment and lacking friends but the most painful was being bullied by African Americans on the bases of my being African and finding more White friends even though I looked more like the guys I fought every day. I had never in my life known I was Black till I went to America. As a natural fighter I never accepted that scenario and it resulted in a lot of fights, suspensions from school and even run-ins with the police department.

One of the most life changing moments of my life was a class in African-American history taught by Mrs. Jendeyi (at Laney College in Oakland) after which I bought the world famous book “The Mis-education of the Negro” by Carter G. Woodson. I would consequently delve into more reading about African-American history, then general phycology, sociology, then world history and eventually I just began to read.

Two hours a day every day for the last 9 years of my life I just read and read and read and read. It is one of my best habits and although I fall off now and again, my readings defines more of whom I am that any other thing.

On the other hand the excitement of America came in the opportunities it offered. By age 15 I was aready working in a television station, by 16 I already had a business enterprise, by 17 another business, by 18 another business, by 21 I created my most dynamic enterprise and the foundation for the work I do today.

That business C-SWAGGER was a game changer because it allowed me to deal with people from all works of life. It was a prints, signs and advertising company and with it I had access to Millionaire corporate executive who became clients, I had celebrities as clients and I had everyday people. The first office was located in the Ghetto and so I also had criminals all around. It was a training ground for everything I am today.

It was at this business that I developed my incredible work habits, working often for 16hours a day. It is also here that I developed my negotiation skills, marketing sense, executive confident and an understanding that a good product is much more important than advertising.
In 2011 I moved back to Nigeria and founded L.I.V.E.N Capital. It was born out of a desire to craft a solution that will catapult Nigeria economically without missing the importance of social development. I started first by dedicating the 1st 18 months to research and experimentation in order to fully understand the Nigerian environment. The culturally understanding gained from being raised in Nigeria combined with the skills acquired in America and coupled with my vast reading allowed me to rise quickly, opening doors where others may have been left out.

In a little over a year of presence here, I have been able to develop relationships with the political elites of Nigeria, the Business magnets and Social agitators. I was also blessed to acquire the confidence of American Bankers and Investors and today L.I.V.E.N is off to a great start. It has been a privilege which only God could have ordained and while the journey is just starting, mine has been a challenging but a good life.

I King Ifeanyi Oruruo I am single but have found, I have no kids I am aware of lmao
Thank you for visiting my humble home on the web…

Career Timeline:
1987: King Ifeanyi Oruruo is born
1994: Peak of agricultural endevours
1995: Starts chicken farm operations
2002: First Job as production intern at KDOL TV13
2003: Starts Igbomade Enterprising Co.
2005: King City Enterprises beings operation dealing in automobiles
2008: C-SWAGGER starts in Oakland California
2011: starts operations in Nigeria
2011: L.I.V.E.N Capital is born
2013: L.I.V.E.N Capital commences commercial operations

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